Our COVID-19 Policies

Dear Valued Customers,

Our team is working to address concerns based on the latest information available about COVID-19. We are frequently reviewing workplace policies and protocol to keep our COVID-19 knowledge up-to-date and make sure we are following recommendations from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

At Mike’s Heating & A/C Service, it is our highest priority to keep our employees, clients, and their families as safe as possible. We wanted to let you know the steps we are taking to help keep you and your family safe. The following guidelines and protocols are available upon request:

  • Requiring techs to wash their hands before, during and after each job.
  • Wearing nitrile gloves when possible to prevent hand contact with home or office surfaces.
  • Wiping down areas where work is done
  • Applying the recommended distance of six feet from others to prevent person-to-person transmission.
  • All staff are trained on infection prevention and control measures
  • All staff are instructed to stay home if they are sick.
  • We will electronically invoice whenever possible to reduce risk of contact.

Due to the current situation, we are currently focusing our efforts on essential calls and emergency service. We ask that all customers who wish to schedule maintenance, and/or non-emergency services to please give us time to get back to a normal schedule when this health crisis levels off.

If you have an emergency situation, please call us at 601-798-1026 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for choosing Mike’s Heating & A/C Service. We look forward to serving you soon.

Michael Roche

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