Thermostats 101

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What’s the temperature? Without a thermostat, there’s no way to know for sure. 

Thermostats are thermal sensors that give commands to your air conditioner or heater. They come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from simple round dials to advanced smart thermostats. 

Did you know the type of thermostat you select can have an impact on your Carriere utilities? Investing in a programmable thermostat can slash your energy costs by up to 10 percent yearly, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They cost slightly more upfront, but the payoff is significant. 

Mike’s Heating & A/C Service knows selecting the right heating and cooling equipment can be daunting. Our favorite part of the job is helping Mississippi families find the best fit for their homes. From our notepad, here is what you need to know about thermostats: 

How They Work

When you adjust the temperature setting, your thermostat monitors the room or rooms it’s set up in. Each time the air dips below or exceeds the target temperature, your thermostat sends an electric signal to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Once it reaches that temperature, your thermostat tells your air control equipment to go on standby. 

The On” and “Auto” Settings

These two options control the fans that circulate air through your ductwork. 

Choosing “On,” tells your fans to spin constantly. This increases circulation, which improves your indoor air quality (IAQ) and keeps everything dryer. However, it uses more electricity and may feel cooler when you’re heating your home. 

Picking “Auto” means your fans only run when your equipment is heating or cooling the air. This setting is the most energy efficient. However, the start-and-stop mechanism creates a heavier workload for your equipment. 

Thermostat Categories

Thermostats come in three subtypes: nonprogrammable, programmable, and smart thermostats.

Nonprogrammable thermostatsare the classic, uncomplicated option. They are very affordable upfront. Their simple interface makes them easy to operate. However, they need to be adjusted manually. They are the least energy-efficient option out of the three. 

Programmable thermostatsdo all the heavy lifting for you. You create the schedule and can customize the  “Home” and “Away” settings. When you’re at work, your HVAC system will automatically turn off, saving you money. When you arrive back, it will be fired up for you, keeping you comfortable. While they cost a few extra bucks to purchase and install, they can save you serious money over time. 

Smart thermostatsoffer cutting-edge technology in home comfort. Paired with WiFi, they allow you to control your home temperature on your phone from anywhere in the world. Using motion sensors and advanced algorithms, your smart thermostat can track your living habits, finding the “sweet spot” that balances comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, you can track your energy usage with real-time energy reports. You’ll also receive notifications when it’s time for a filter change, maintenance, or repair. 

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